Chabitat Construction Homes in Gatineau

This is our most recent listing of Gatineau new home and condo communities built by Chabitat Construction.   All information was accurate at the time of collection, but we always advise readers to contact Gatineau home builders for confirmation of availability.

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Chabitat Construction New Home Communities in Gatineau

Builder Area Community Type Map Crime
Chabitat Aylmer Vieux Moulins Condos, low-rise, in Aylmer North
Chabitat Aylmer Vieux Verger Singles and Semis in Aylmer North

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About Chabitat Construction

Building a legacy on a foundation of experience

For more than 25 years, Chabitat has been delivering on its solemn pledge to build high-quality homes.

Right from the start, this family business established strong relationships with both suppliers and clients. Its team's expertise is one of the main pillars of the reputation for reliability the name Chabitat evokes. This expertise permeates everything we do, from choosing just the right materials, design and building locations, to our willingness to put Chabitat's vast knowledge to work for its many clients.

Our reliability goes a long way in explaining why we are the only local homebuilder recommended by the prestigious CAA Habitation program as a certified supplier.

As well, the APCHQ, Quebec's provincial homebuilders' association, has recognized Chabitat's excellence every year, for the last twenty-five years with its "Palme Diamant" award, the organization's highest honour. To qualify for this award, a homebuilder must not exceed more than three buyer complaints per 100 homes built.

Over a quarter-century with some 3,000 homes to its credit, Chabitat is among a very select few builders who can boast that they've never been the focus of a single complaint.

Because Chabitat is always at the cutting-edge of residential construction, we are well aware that today's new homebuyers are looking for a healthy environment that's adapted to their lifestyle. We also know that, when it comes to these critical factors, compromise is out of the question. This explains why we pay particular attention to both the big and the little things, with a view to meeting every single one of a homeowner's needs and tastes.

Further proof of Chabitat's obsession with the latest housing standards is the fact that this innovative builder is proud to be the instigator of Quebec's first energy-efficient, Novoclimat-certified, new home community.

Source : Chabitat Construction
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