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This is the most recent listing of Ottawa new home and condo communities built by Dharma Developments. All information was accurate at the time of collection, but we always advise readers to contact Ottawa home builders for confirmation of availability.

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About Dharma Developments:

The term dharma has many meanings. It has significant religious connotations in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It has become a popular word in the west associated with spiritual enlightenment and new-age philosophies. But like any word, its real meaning has a personal value that makes it unique to every individual.

One's dharma can be defined as 'a way of life' or 'code of conduct'. Our goal is to grow a company that holds high ideals and lives up to them in every way. Dharma Developments is about being responsible for its actions, its staff, its relationships with customers, and its environment.

Our Mantra

We're fresh. Dharma Developments brings you fresh,innovative design ideas and practical features to keep our homes at the leading edge of residential design and building standards.

We're greening. With each new development, we determine the best possible 'green' construction materials and progressive technologies with the aim of achieving both immediate and long-term value and appeal to the homeowner.

We're resourceful. We build and offer homes that reduce the impact on our valuable resources. That means, every square foot of your home has been smartly designed for today's lifestyle.

We're community-inspired. Dharma strongly believes in giving back to its community by actively promoting the arts, supporting charitable organizations and fostering the growth of our economy.

We continually strive to raise the bar in the development industry for our customers. In turn, our customers are helping us succeed in building healthier communities.

We look forward to helping you build your future.

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"TADHANA" by Up Dharma Down | Ottawa 2017
Performer: 13 year old Cai Almuete Hosts: Regina Sosing of Tinig Pinoy Radio and Derik Jensen Paatan of BIBAK Show Name: Entertainment Show Main
December 25, 2010 - Ottawa - Talk on Markine Bhagavata Dharma
December 25, 2010 - Ottawa - Chanting Markine Bhagavata Dharma
Celebrating the Dharma Art Path
Dharma Art, or Shambhala Art, is now 10 years old. This is a video capturing the wonderful and celebratory Dharma Art programs at the Ottawa Shambhala
FINALE Performance | Philippines Independence Day Festival | Ottawa 2017
Hosts: Regina Sosing of Tinig Pinoy Radio and Derik Jensen Paatan of BIBAK Show Name: Entertainment Show Main Event: Philippine Independence Picnic
Ottawa 5SOS/1D Meet Up !
So we had a meet up in December on the 8th. And 5SOS posted our meet up photo on the 11th and on Christmas eve they posted it AGAIN! So i hope they see
"TRUE COLORS" by Cyndi Lauper | Ottawa 2017
Performer: 8 years old, Erica Palabrica Hosts: Regina Sosing of Tinig Pinoy Radio and Derik Jensen Paatan of BIBAK Show Name: Entertainment Show Main
ottawa sens queer fangirls
ottawa sens queer fangirls
DHARMA, purpose and living through the heart with MARK LAHAM
In this SPECIAL session of Dream Meditation class @ the UMTBC Lifestyle Center in Ottawa Canada, Corey Sheikh brings in a special guest, and 12 year yoga
5SOS/1D Ottawa Meet Up!
So May 24th we got together to film a fun video for you!
Dance to "Piliin ang Pilipinas" | Ottawa 2017
Performers: Youth from Filipino Community Church. Joanelle Barbon, Jessica Barbon, Gabrielle Bergado, Richelle Jan Camacho, Joy Pelletier, Francine Cenina
YOGATHON OTTAWA 2013 on Parliament Hill -- August 17
Register: Facebook: Twitter: Runners run
Canadian Teens singing "HANAP HANAP" by John Melo | Ottawa 2017
Performers: 14 years old; Danica Bernabe, Dana White, Glena Samson (The PWC group) Hosts: Regina Sosing of Tinig Pinoy Radio and Derik Jensen Paatan
KHMER BUDDHIST TEMPLE OF OTTAWA - Paritta Chanting for Kathina Ceremony
Chanting Paritta On Occasion of Kathina Ceremony On Friday Evening, October 22, 2011 at Bodhikaram Temple.
escapade 2016- Ottawa,ontario
Dhamma for 8th day ( Loka Thor 8).MPG
This video clip is one of 15 topices that was talking by S.R. Viriyadhammo on the occasion of Dhamma practicing in 2010 at Watratanakpratib Ottawa, Canada

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